You can stop browsing now; you've found it!

Welcome to my brand-new web site! If you're reading this in 2007, obviously the "brand-new" part is no longer current... but, considering that, prior to February, 2002, the Gulch had existed pretty much relatively unchanged since 1997, "brand-new" is relatively true. In February, 2002, I decided my good old "cobweb site" was no longer showing me off very well and needed to be brought into the 21st century. Accordingly, the layout for the new redesign is all done in XHTML with Cascading Style Sheets; there isn't a table to be found on the site.

Bits of the old wine will gradually be poured into the new bottle as my time permits. In the meantime, the things I most want to wave in front of your astonished eyes are:

My first published book!

Running Weblogs with Slash is a detailed guide to setting up and running Slash, the open-source software that powers Slashdot. My co-authors were Chromatic and Brian Aker of the Slashdot team, and it's published by O'Reilly and Associates.

Back in 2000, I was running Nanodot for Foresight Institute and said to myself, "This software needs documentation." Guided by O'Reilly's "So You Want to Write a Book?", I submitted a proposal, and the folks at O'Reilly called my bluff.