Godling's Glossary: P

Patriot, n.
One who gets goose-bumps from goose-steps.
Phlegm, n.
A subject that should not be brought up in polite company by those who expectorate highly in the estimation of others.
  1. The Greek letter Π or π, corresponding to the roman p.
  2. A number, represented by said letter, expressing the ratio of the circumference of a perfect circle to its diameter. The value of π has been calculated to many millions of decimal places, to no readily apparent purpose: no perfect circles or spheres exist in nature, since matter is composed of atoms and therefore lumpy, not smooth. Nature herself sometimes takes to rounding off the more extreme decimals of numbers when they get sufficiently small, as Prof. Heisenberg has pointed out. However, the continued extension of π provides a harmless exercise of computer power which would otherwise be misused playing Quake or surfing pointless web sites.
Plotter, n.
A planner whose plans you do not like.
Popularize, v.
To piss into something until it acquires a flavor acceptable to the public.
Prozac, n.
Fluoxetine, a remedy for clinical depression. For mild depression, Amateurzac will do.