Godling's Glossary: G

GAK. /gaaak/
Government Access to Keys, a system of law enforcement proposed in the 1990's under which one would provide copies of one's house keys to the police, mayor, and dog catcher, allowing them unrestricted entry to one's house "just in case." In return, each of these worthies would promise never, never to use the keys without a solemn nod from one of the others. Send to its well-deserved grave mostly due to years of hard work and diligent public education on the part of the cypherpunks. Formerly known as key escrow.

Gamma-hydroxybutyrate, a substance occurring naturally in every cell of the human body. Ingesting it in quantities of 500-1500 mg stimulates mild euphoria, relaxation, sexual energy, release of growth hormone by the pituitary gland, and restful REM sleep... so naturally the DEA is hysterically agitating to make it as illegal as cocaine.

GHB, a substance approximately as toxic as table salt, became famous as a result of DEA-fanned speculation that actor River Phoenix might have taken it the night he died (a theory disproven by the coroner's report). But, just to be safe, never combine GHB with fatal doses of heroin, cocaine, and Valium (the drugs that actually killed Phoenix).

Gasoline tax.
Highway robbery.
Gospel, n.
A placebo antidepressant, usually administered orally.
Green, adj.
Unsophisticated; gullible; easily fooled, especially by Paul Ehrlich and Jeremy Rifkin. Wet behind the ears, and soft between them as well. Homesick for the Dark Ages.