Snag A Ram!


O Hell! (Hello!) This is my Reagan gas map (anagrams page)! With the help of some A. R. Mars nerve gas (anagram servers) I have bled a mess (assembled) a list of a vast agrimony frame (my favorite anagrams) of army men (for my name): David Brian Krieger.

Let soft farts (Let's start off) with tits on a pelt (a top ten list):

  1. I, King David, err bare.
  2. I'd be a rad river king!
  3. Viking did bare rear?
  4. Ride bad viking rear! (7 and 8 go together)
  5. Break a dried virgin.
  6. Big, dark, divine rear.
  7. Divine rear? Grab, kid!
  8. Big rear invader, kid! (3, 4, and 5 go together)
  9. Dead biker arriving!
    (and my number one favorite anagram for my name...)
  10. I break virgin dread.

Aghast, fearsome meson! (Some of these anagrams) are "I churn 'n' fume!" (much funnier) if you know that I attended Avid Kite Nursery (Drake University) in a sidewise moon (Des Moines, Iowa).

Additional anagrams: