Godling's Glossary: C

Caloric restriction.
A technique for prolonging one's enjoyment of food.
Child, n memewatch!.
A larva that eventually turns into a human being. Universally loved -- anyone who claims not to love children isn't cooking them properly.
Cthulhu loves the little children,
All the children of the world...
Baked or boiled, steamed or fried,
In the sauce or on the side,
Cthulhu loves the little children of the world.

-- Old Tlonian Spiritual

Christianity, n. memewatch!
A superbly-designed religion; I wouldn't dream of owning a slave who wasn't a Christian.
Give us this day our daily bread -- and circuses.

-- The Democrat's Prayer

Civil authorities.
Uncivil authoritarians.
Clipper, n.
A device for shearing sheep. Designed by those whose appetite for information is iNSAtiable.
Cocaine, n.
The cane that enables the Customs Service to remain standing. Highly addictive, especially to law enforcement agencies.
-concept, n. suffix
A combining form for creating terms that mean "agent": spokesconcept, gentleconcept, chairconcept. It avoids the existence-centrism of -being.
Condom, n.
A kind of raincoat. In the present climate, you could catch your death without it.
Coprophilia, n. memewatch!
The perverse notion that filth is sexy, deduced directly from the perverse notion that sex is filthy.
Correct, adj.
In agreement with the opinions of the infallible. Politically correct. Inoffensive, except to those with respect for the language.
Cryonic suspension.
The second-worst thing that can happen to you. Cold comfort for cool characters. The penalty box in the war against entropy.
Cyberporn, n. memewatch!
Also cyberotica. A Trojan Horse: beware of geeks baring GIFs.
Cypherpunks, n.
[From cypher, "a person of no importance; nonentity", and punk, "poor in quality; substandard"] Serpents in the Garden of E-mail, Adamantly opposed to Evesdropping, trying in vain to sell the forbidden fruit of the Binary Tree of Zero-Knowledge. Goats trying to warn sheep about Clippers.