Godling's Glossary: A

Abort, v. memewatch!
To correct a misconception.
The name given by Arabic astrologers to a certain dim star that hides behind a brighter companion (unlike, say, the vice-president of the U.S., who hides behind a dimmer luminary). Who can see Alcor with the naked eye is said to have keen vision. It is worth remembering that this same distinction was said to apply to the raiment of a well-known emperor.
Anarchist, n.
One who wants to do away with the existing social disorder (per Adolph Fischer, who well knew).
Anarcho-capitalism, n. memewatch!
The Machinery of Friedman. A system under which everyone gets the government they deserve (and no more government than they're willing to pay for).
Aqualanche, n.
The sudden (and usually messy) shift of icecubes from a higher energy state to a lower one in the beverage you have tipped up in front of your face.
Atheist, n. memewatch!
God's way of mocking the faithful.