[A Brief History of Dave]

"I looked up at the sun and said, 'I think I want to go to college.'"

Dave Krieger grew up on a mud farm in northern Nebraska. This always puzzled his parents, because they planted corn. Soon after realizing where he was, Dave headed off to secure a B.A. in physics and mathematics from Drake University and an M.L.S. in Information Studies from UCLA (spending a year studying geophysics and space physics in between). Along the way, he served two years as the scientific technical advisor to Paramount Pictures' Star Trek: The Next Generation and was a contestant on both Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! (Wheel: $10,949 in prizes; Jeopardy: lovely parting gifts).

(For more on Dave's L.A. exploits, see The Incredible But True Story of Krieger Waves and Night of the Lovely Parting Gifts.)

Dave's illustrious and varied career since finishing his education has included a number of "firsts"; he was:

  • the first programmer for the Multimedia Laboratory at UCLA's Anderson Graduate School of Management,
  • the first Systems Librarian at RAND Corporation,
  • the first Marketplace Administrator at the American Information Exchange Corporation (AMiX),
  • the first Knowledge Disseminator at Synopsys, Inc., and
  • the first Director of Publications at Agorics, Inc., a Silicon Valley software company he co-founded.
  • As a software developer, web designer, and security consultant, Dave's clients have included Digital Equipment Corp., Compaq Corporate Research, Palm Computing, Dow Jones, and Synopsys.

    Dave has lived in California's Silicon Valley since 1992. He enjoys skiing, volleyball, whale-hugging, and all that other crap Californians are supposed to love. Look for him in a towel at better parties everywhere.

    Dave's short-term goals are a secret (there's a war on, you know)...but he might reveal them to you if you ask nicely. His e-mail address is Dave's email address and the footprints for his PGP public keys are:

  • DSS: DE8C 9199 2733 AE2B B6CE 04FB A788 735D B6A8 59F7
  • RSA: 86B2 B14F 18D2 63B4 2A48 6B66 B2F7 B6F9