Godling's Glossary: B

Bad-Ass Totalitarian Fascists. The real wackos at Waco.

WARNING: The Attorney General has determined that Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms can be hazardous to your health -- and get away with it.

-being, n. suffix
A combining form for creating terms that mean "agent": spokesbeing, gentlebeing, chairbeing. It avoids the anthropocentrism of -person. See also -concept.
Biosphere 2.
Proof that one can do Big Science without involving Big Brother. A privately-funded boondoggle, for a change. The world's most expensive weight-loss clinic. The Emerald City of the Greens: "Pay no attention to those big tanks of oxygen behind the curtain!" An experiment successfully demonstrating that concrete soaks up oxygen: city-dwellers, take heed!
Bomb, n.
Colloquial. An entertainment that fails to entertain -- especially when the government is the butt of the joke.

In which state do you wish to blow up the Federal building? [OK]

Bonobo, n.
Pan paniscus, a forest-dwelling primate of central Africa. The bonobo shares 98% of its genes with its closest relatives, the chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes, Latin for "cave-dwelling ape"), and the human (Homo sapiens sapiens, "the ape that thinks it thinks"). Unlike the chimpanzee and the human, the bonobo does not engage in warfare, power politics, murder, or cannibalism. The bonobo species resolves conflict through sex rather than aggression -- bonobos would rather fuck than fight. (See "Bonobo Sex and Society" by Frans B. M. de Waal, Scientific American, March 1995.)
Bullshit, n.
Political Wheaties: the breakfast of champignons. There is a popular saying to the effect that "Capital perorates, and bullshit perambulates," but in Washington and on Wall Street the two are frequently seen sharing a limousine.
Bum, n.
An extinct land mammal of English-speaking North America. The common bum Hobo indolens seems to have been displaced from its ecological niche by the more recent species Hobo lunans, the homeless loon. The loon, with its piercing cry of "Gotta quatta? Gotta quatta?", is distinguishable from the bum only by a somewhat less steady gaze and significantly more aggressive foraging behavior.
Bumper sticker, n.
A declamatory decal that makes your car or truck a vehicle of self-expression. Epitaphs for the living (if you call that living). Some of my favorite bumper stickers are these:

My child was Stoolie of the Month at Vacaville State Prison
California Institute for Men -- Class of '94
You're either part of the parade or part of the road